Cleaning & Cleaner Services

Summary: Cleaner Services

Price (RM): 100

The above cost is estimated for normal house cleaning around Kuching Town Area with two (2) cleaners for half a day job, detergent and tools for cleaning are to be provided by HOUSE OWNER/AGENT.

Only provide labour, the cleaners are dispatched to the venue for work by the Cleaner Company. Prior appointment required, and tools and appliances for cleaning be provided by the owner/requesting person.

Normally, for vacant possession, houses are cleaned. Normal items to be ready for use are:

1. Detergent/washing powder.
2. Brooms.
3. Mops.
4. Rags.
5. Sponge (Green/Yellow)
6. Thrash can/basket/plastics
7. Pail (bucket) for water
8. Other specific detergents (for special wash)

Interested, please call Mr Lai at 012 – 822 5589 for further negotiation in or around Kuching.


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