List of RENTAL Indices

This page will show all IPI-R and IPI-E submitted in posts, irrespective of whether the particular posting had been approved by administrator. Hence, you can enter your dummy listing to see your calculated IPI-R or IPI-E. *The IPI-R scoring is sorted from smallest to biggest automatically as you load the page. Click the menu bar to sort.

9300001156.1IPI-R 9 IPI-E 1,156.1 RM30k Industrial Land for RENT
11.815000.8IPI-R 11.8 IPI-E 0.8 Double Storey Int ONE RESIDENCY Furnished for RENT
14.816000.9IPI-R 14.8 IPI-E 0.9 Semi D Uni-Central furnished for RENT
19.813001.1IPI-R 19.8 IPI-E 1.1 Partially Furnished Double Storey Terrace Int BDC for RENT
21.19500.9Tabuan Court 1.5 Storey House for RENT
21.19500.9IPI-R 21.1 IPI-E 0.9 Tabuan Court 1.5 Storey House for RENT
22.314002.6IPI-R 22.3 IPI-E 2.6 P Residence Condo EMART Batu Kawa for RENT
22.413002.3IPI-R 22.4 IPI-E 2.3 P Residence Condo EMART Batu Kawa for RENT
22.417001.8IPI-R 22.4 IPI-E 1.8 Skyvilla Fully Furnished for RENT
22.413002.3P Residence Condo EMART Batu Kawa for RENT
23.712001.4IPI-R 23.7 IPI-E 1.4 P Residence Condo EMART Batu Kawa for RENT
246502.4SOHO Apartment MJC Shop for RENT
246502.4IPI-R 24 IPI-E 2.4 SOHO Apartment MJC Shop for RENT
24.518001.4IPI-R 24.5 IPI-E 1.4 Village Grove Condo furnished for RENT
25.113001.4IPI-R 25.1 IPI-E 1.4 Floridale Condo VIVACITY furnished for RENT
2730000.6IPI-R 27 IPI-E 0.6 Bungalow Detached House Aeon Mall for RENT
27.715001.9IPI-R 27.7 IPI-E 1.9 Skyvilla Condo MJC for RENT
3110003.2IPI-R 31 IPI-E 3.2 Courtyard Sanctuary Apartment Furnished for RENT
33.97503IPI-R 33.9 IPI-E 3 Papillon Apartment MJC Empty for RENT
36.218003.1IPI-R 36.2 IPI-E 3.1 Tabuan Laru furnished SINGLE Storey House for RENT
36.816002IPI-R 36.8 IPI-E 2 MJC Skyvilla furnished for RENT
39.512003.5IPI-R 39.5 IPI-E 3.5 Courtyard Apartment MJC for RENT
39.830002.8IPI-R 39.8 IPI-E 2.8 RM3k DST Intermediate for RENT
4123003IPI-R 41 IPI-E 3 Dogan 88 Town House for RENT