Company Profile

AgentMY Online (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (1535524-W) was founded with aim to group all platforms and digital supports for Agents into ONE PLACE. Its tagline is “A place for agents“. See below the business card of Founder & Director Thomas Sim. Previously, these platforms and digital services for agents were managed under Contract Index Services. Read more about history here.

Company Legal Person and Platforms

The idea of Comparative Index was first formed way back in 2014 when the founder – Thomas Sim first took up the Estate Agent Examination. There was the article written on this subject back in 2015 here.

Over time, we have completed SEVEN+ONE websites/platforms:

  1. findwhere.info – GEOLinking Advertisement Opportunities
  2. contract2u.com – Comparative Index for Inter-Property Index. We specialize in Comparative Index calculation for Inter-Property Index (IPI) and you can insert your property listing here.
  3. myrealproperty.online – Profile Yourself! Video/Articles
  4. estateagentexam.com – Self-study Online E-Learning Solution for Diploma in Estate Agency Examination (BOVAEP)
  5. ejenharta.com – MIEA Sarawak Branch
  6. sinjunproperties.com – Registered Real Estate Agency SINJUN PROPERTIES E(3) 2077
  7. justland.info – Land for layman
  8. midtermrent.online – 1m<X<1y rental of medium terms

a blog:

and a Corporate Website:

The above websites are published under WordPress and therefore we need to host them in servers and pay for the domain name and hosting services. Due to expenses in maintaining the sites and future involvement in collection of fees, we set up this company for proper accounting and reporting. It is also essential for tax purposes and compliance to local law and regulation.

This company is new, however the activities had been ongoing for a few years in smaller scales. The Online E-Learning Portal estateagentexam.com (earlier on: – my-realproperty1.blogspot.com & my-realproperty2.blogspot.com) had been in operation since 2014. Although at that time, it was mainly as a free service under the Blogger platform, the subscriber base grew from few to over 200 members now.

The company has set objectives as below:

  1. Increase Online Presence by more products – video clips.
  2. Promote the services to more trade types.
  3. Expansion to other cities in Malaysia.

There are so much possibilities to venture into GEOLinking Advertisement and Comparative Index – as a concept to compare products and services, moreover the locational linkages to asset value. Ground survey and Online survey are key activities to gather data. It would be used to define market preferences and trends. Subsequently, these preferences and trends can assist in the marketing of products and services.

Definitely, more will be planned in the near future for the company.

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