History of AgentMY Online (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd – since 2014 the idea of using information technology to help agents was crystallized, however very much limited to just blog-posting. With the passing of the Diploma in Estate Agency Examination by BOVAEP 2018, the effort on platform building to support real estate agency marketing and advertising became a MUST DO! Hence, the advent of many websites and platforms using various approaches. The focus was to establish a sustainable system of advertising to capture major segments of audience, for the use of agents. The two (2) major characteristics of our platform products are:

  1. Affordable use – starting at FOC, and minimum charges of RM3-RM5 or less per posting.
  2. Sustainable use – starting at FOC, and minimum charges of RM70 per year of subscription for most platforms.

Due to cost constraints, we only developed within ourselves – mainly by Thomas Sim, who single-handedly developed these platforms for own use and market testing. Before 2018, the only digital product we produced was estateagentexam.com – an E-Learning System for self-study of the Professional Examination by BOVAEP. This qualification is recognized by BOVAEP to qualify eventually as Registered Estate Agent (REA) and be issued an Authority to Practice (E-Licence).

In 2018, we moved on to develop contract2u.com, myrealproperty.online and findwhere.info. Until late 2023, we have added ejenharta.com, justland.info and midtermrent.online to our group of platforms. All these platforms (7+1) are managed under AgentMY Online (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd. Agents who have contributed to the platforms are invited to be shareholders of this private limited company and participate in the profit of the platforms.

WHY? Why develop so many websites and platforms? What is your objective?

We believe that digital advertising is an ever changing field which will diverge to multiple audience and market segments. Hence, designing platforms with multiple targets will provide wider choices for our agents to achieve their specific area. In doing so, we also do NOT limit ourselves to just a single business type, or market segment or user group.

Originally, the purpose was to set up an estate agency firm – a regulated profession, and providing digital services to this entity in real estate agency practice. However, this view was later on found to be too restrictive or myopic in nature. Amidst the enormous potential of platform marketing, our digital tools should be more forward looking into bigger market and target segments, not just real estate listings.

Indeed, by October, 2023 a new Firm of Estate Agency was formed – Sinjun Properties, using the existing firm of Contract Index Services (by change of name).

SINJUN PROPERTIES E(3)2077, previously known as Contract Index Services (No.117255) is a Sole Proprietorship company formed under the Sarawak “The Businesses, Professions and Trading Licensing Ordinance”. The firm was first registered on 9th May, 2019 – exactly 1 year after the “509” NEW MALAYSIA, and later changed name to SINJUN PROPERTIES.

From November, 2023 onward, this sole proprietorship is renamed to SINJUN PROPERTIES and moved to a new premises as a new Registered Real Estate Agency Firm E(3)2077, regulated under BOVAEP. Its registration and activities, please refer to sinjunproperties.com.

With the need of SINJUN PROPERTIES E(3)2077 be totally detached from ongoing activities like E-Learning and Platform Advertising to comply with Act and Rules of Estate Agency Practice, we have formed a new Company called AgentMY Online (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd 1535524-W for the purposes of E-learning, platforms and digital supports for agents.

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