Waterproofing for Ceiling/Roof/Slab

Summary: Water proofing Roof Slabs

Price (RM): 1,000

Waterproofing works is a specialist field.

This particular roof is in good condition. However, the beams and drain/cement slabs are porous and hence water seeps through the pores and enters into the ceiling. Over time the plaster ceiling got moist and gradually became rotten and eroded. It resulted in a big hole which saw water dripping through during heavy downpour.

Repair was done to the cement beams and the walls. Water proofing paints and gum was poured onto the drain to seal off the pores. Entire job was done with RM1,000 with a warranty of 6 months.

Interested, please contact Ah Ching at 012-8905581 or 014-3382001.


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